Home sweet, freezing I can hardly feel my toes, home

It’s only been sunshine and off shores since I’ve been home from Mauritius! I went for a wave after work today and it was beautiful. I’m at home now by the fire still trying to warm my toes up, heres a couple of shots from a go pro from this afternoons sesh

Mid winter mischief in Mauritius.

To make a rather long but wonderful story, short and wonderful. I went to Mauritius in August for three weeks! Would you like to know why? Well I was shouted a trip for my friend, jade’s 21st birthday! Jade, who only recently moved there to work, was asked what it is she wanted for her birthday, she said she wanted me to join her at her new home in the Mauritius Islands. When she told me she was going there I had no idea where it was let alone how to spell it in google maps. When the pictures came up holy mother of baby Jesus I lost it, it looked like something out of the most tropical and beautiful places in the world books, it wasn’t long after I did this google search that I found out I was going there to see her! I literally cried tears of happiness, what on earth did I do to deserve this?! When I arrived, myself and Jade wrote a list of things we wanted to do while I was there, I managed to slip surfing on this list, I did a bit of research before heading over and it cranks, Jade was living about an hours drive from the more consistent breaks, I kept a close eye on the surf reports but needed some local advice, I asked every man and his dog for a little heads up and to gain some local knowledge but everyone seemed to own a yacht rather than a surfboard. After a week or so into the trip I came to terms that I may not even get a surf in. This trip wasn’t about me, it was about being the best friend I could be for Jade when she needed it most. We still spent every day at some of the most unreal beaches I’ve laid my eyes on, enjoyed the salty air and the tropical sunshine resting on our skin. We drank cocktails, listened to some locals jam some good tunes, painted pictures, read books,ate traditional Mauritian food, got all weird and clucky around all the homeless dogs, we got ripped off at the markets, laughed, talked about this crazy world we live in and enjoyed the good vibes.

I just want to thank Jades parents, Julls and Kevin again for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I am so lucky to have such generous and humble people in my lives, the world really does need more people like you, thankyou.

Now it’s time to hunt down some waves in NZ and get ready for one heck of a summer. surf,roadys,jams and the best vibes in all of the land,

I hope you enjoy my photos, it’s kind of hard not to, the water will make you drool onto your screen 😜😜